Iron Spider Costume 


Iron Spider Costume

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Spider-Man's overall metabolic efficiency has been greatly increased, and the composition of his skeleton, connective tissues, muscles, and nervous system have all been enhanced. Originally, ... Read more Peter Parker wore glasses, but after the spider bite, his vision became 20/20, allowing him to see perfectly after his spectacles were broken by Flash Thompson. [volume & issue needed] Spider-Man is capable of healing injuries faster and more extensively than ordinary humans, including injuries as severe as broken bones within a matter of hours. [volume & issue needed] During a battle with a villain called the Masked Marauder, Spider-Man is rendered completely blind. However, during a visit to an eye specialist, it is revealed that Spider-Man is already healing only hours later. After about two days, Spider-Man's 20/20 vision is restored, although his eyes are sensitive for about a day after, shown when Carrion flashed a bright light in his face. Afterwards, his eyes are completely healed. [volume & issue needed] However, Spider-Man's healing factor has not been depicted as being anywhere near as rapid as that of Wolverine or The Hulk, in as much as he has suffered life-threatening injuries that would not have endangered those other superhumans.

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