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Interesting facts

The dream of Floyd Ragsdale: In time of "wars in the Gulf", the American army needed a large number of bullet-proof vests which become from heavy-duty polyamide fiber. But the car making this fiber in Dupont firm was broken. Every minute of idle time cost to firm 700 dollars and could cost lives to many soldiers. Engineers disassembled installation, but could not find a cause of failure. To one of the engineers, Floyd Ragsdale, at night, after difficult day, dreamed that it is inside the working car. In the morning Ragsdale long deliberated over the dream. At last he understood that walls of hoses of water cooling in the car are fallen down from time to time, interrupting water flow Having come to work, Ragsdale shared idea with the chief engineer. In the evening when all other attempts to adjust the unit appeared unsuccessful, the chief engineer nevertheless allowed Ragsdale to supply hoses of cooling with spirals. At night production was restored. So one dream saved to "Dupont" not less than three million dollars.

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