A Brief Info on the Differences Between Desktop and Commercial Printers

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These are some of the most basic differences when it comes to understanding between a desktop and commercial printer.

  1. First let’s talk about Desktop Printer – The easiest way of understanding about desktop printer is through its examples. Some of those examples include dot matrix, inkjet, laser printers. These types of printers are mainly found in our homes and offices. Desktop printers are easy to keep on a table due to its design and size. In bigger firms, floor-model printers are used which is another example of desktop printer which is bigger in size. The work of desktop printer is mainly for printing documents on a piece of paper. Desktop printer is easy to connect with a PC where the PC gives a digital information to the printer in order to print the information.
  2. Now, let’s talk about Commercial Printer – Now a commercial printer is way more different than your regular desktop printer. A shop is where this type of printer is usually found in. A commercial printer is usually used for printing texts, logos, in materials like clothing instead of paper by using lithography. Moreover, commercial printer requires technical knowledge before printing work even starts. Due to this reason, companies often provide their work to third-parties to get the work done.

Based on these differences, you have every opportunity to choose the right kind of printer based on the need of your work. In Brisbane, printers are available in stores comprising of various types. Therefore, choose the correct one.