All You Need to Know About Sales Training Coaching

The advantages of sales training coaching are not new to us; neither do we intend to dwell upon it. The success of the model has made it inevitable and inseparable from the sales manager’s training manual. The problem arises when the coaching goes haywire because of wrong decisions. What is truly worrisome is the way the trouble manifests itself. It takes time for the problems to become visible and by then the magnitude becomes quite large for repair.

The latest line of thought at sales coaching institutes leads back well into the beginning of selecting the right candidate. New sales manager are tested for positive traits that do not waiver over time and remain stable. Past performance indices are taken into consideration among several other things. The effort has been to develop unique training material for each client.

The best sales training coaching is one which has the following features:

1. A defined architecture for sales coaching

Training sales manager is not a separate event. It is a part of the process. Senior managers must take upon themselves to see that training is an ongoing process and not one that occurs occasionally. The goals of training sales people is to increase sales, get more clients, shorten the sale cycle and motivate participants to achieve better results. None of these can be attained if a properly defined architecture is missing.

2. Staying in the present

One of the greatest mistakes seasoned sales managers make is to think that the methods and techniques that worked for them will work for the present workforce as well. This is not true and sadly this is unavoidable if a sales organization thinks of saving a few bucks by employing its old employees. Only sales training coaching can observe evolving patterns and converse with sales people in words that make sense to them in the current environment.