Choosing the ‘Perfect’ Cat Toys For Your Pet

Cats can never have enough toys. Whether they're big, small, noisy, or fluffy, cat toys will keep your furry friend amused for hours and are a great way to exercise them both physically and mentally, whilst still having fun.

Kittens are especially playful and at this young age, it's vital for them to develop various skills and learn how to act upon their natural instincts, all of which can be done through play. You can buy the best laser light toy for cats online.

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If not kept entertained or trained sufficiently, cats can develop bad habits or, in more severe cases, violent behavior. This means they will probably be more likely to use their claws on you and your furniture.

Instead, look at playtime as bonding time between you and your cat and a chance to get to know each other better. It's also an effective way to combat your cat's behavior problems, should they have any, as well as help them become more trustful towards you.

There is a wide selection of cat toys available to choose from. If you're not sure which ones are best for your moggy, here's a quick breakdown of your options;

Noisy toys

Toys with sound effects are immediately attention-grabbing to cats. Whether they are squeaky or have a bell attached, your cat will soon learn that if they toss their toy about they will be rewarded with a fun, exciting sound.

Fluffy toys

These toys are often covered in things like feathers to resemble other small animals such as mice or birds that your cat can stalk and roll around with. Cats usually love to chew on these toys or run around with them in their mouth.

Interactive toys

Little bouncing balls are a fantastic way to exercise your cat as are toys attached to a long stick that require your cat to chase around as you reel it back.

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