Choosing the Right Inflatable Paddle Board For Your Sport

Can inflatable paddle boards be easily repaired? Yes, most kinds of inflatable damage to inflatable SUP boats can easily be repaired, usually by the original owner, but most often by a professional repair company. Even some of the inflatable kayak parts that are easily repairable can sometimes require more than just a patch kit. In order to truly fix an inflatable kayak to its maximum performance level (and to avoid purchasing a new one), you need to pay special attention to all the details and parts of the boat. Paying close attention and maintaining your inflatable paddle board will go a long way in saving time, money, frustration, and physical injuries.

As a matter of fact, not all parts of the inflatable paddle boards displayed on can easily be fixed. The most common inflatable sups that can be easily repaired are usually the softer ones such as the hard board, the swim platform, and the float (if it's a hard board). Hard boards can also be easily repaired, as most people are familiar with this kind of inflatable. Soft ones may seem like they can be easily repaired, but usually the cost of the repair includes replacement material costs for the soft board. Hardboards, on the other hand, cannot be easily repaired and it is also quite costly.

Another common inflatable paddle boards problem is the thick inflatable sups that have been damaged, perhaps because of too much exposure to the elements (too much salt and detergents in the water), or possibly because they were stored improperly. If you're dealing with a thick inflatable paddle boards, and it has rusted through, you should consider replacing it with a new one. Even if you aren't planning on going into the water, it never hurts to have another board handy in case someone needs to use it in the future.

The thickness of your inflatable paddle boards will largely depend on what type of activities you plan on doing with it. A high performance inflatable paddle board can be made out of a number of different materials, although the most commonly used materials are vinyl, nylon, and acrylic. The materials are chosen because they are lightweight and able to withstand a lot of rough usage. However, these inflatable paddles are also more expensive than the traditional hard boards. The reason for this is because the thickness of hard boards requires additional material costs, such as extra vinyl or more acrylic.

Finally, you should think about the size of the inflatable paddle boards you're looking to purchase. While traditional paddle boards are generally available in three sizes, the majority of specialty inflatable boards are only available in six inches, six feet, eight feet, ten feet, and twelve inches sizes. The reason for this is because these smaller boards are more compact, which makes them perfect for kid's parties, outdoor sports, and group water sports.

If you're interested in saving money while purchasing inflatable paddle boards, you may want to consider purchasing an inflatable paddle board from a retailer that offers a discount. Typically, paddle board retailers will offer discount coupons for purchases, which means you can get an inflatable sup board for a lower price. In addition, some stores offer inflatable sup boards with sales and free shipping. These types of offers are usually found online, and will often times apply when you purchase other products online as well. Either way, take advantage of any discount opportunities you can find, as they may help save you even more money.