Common Website Design Pricing Plans In Singapore

Currently, there are three common website pricing plans that designers use to price their designs. Designers can bill you for each web page they create, for each hour they work on your website, or for the entire website project.

These different pricing options are great news if you're looking to build a website on a budget. This means that there are many pricing options to choose from for our budget. Learn more about the different pricing options and discover the pros and cons of each offer. You can also get more information on website design cost in Singapore via

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price per hour 

Setting an hourly rate might sound like an affordable option. Well, it all depends on the complexity of your website design and the number of pages you want to display on your website. Complex layouts and designs can take your designer a long time to complete, adding to design costs along the way. 

Many web designers who offer hourly rates are freelancers and don't necessarily have the technology you want for advanced web design. So as you approach hourly rates expect simple, simple graphics on your website.

Price per page

Page frequency is another common website pricing plan that freelancers and some design companies use to assess their fees. They are usually calculated for each completed website. The reason web designers have different prices for each page is that not all websites are created equal. Some pages, like the main page, actually require more effort to organize and create graphics.

Price per website

The complete package is perhaps the most popular option for pricing a website design company. Many people enjoy the convenience of a plan simply because they already have all the services necessary for a website to function and connect.

Try to choose the best pricing plans according to your needs.