Compost Bins – What To Look For

If you have recently embraced a composting lifestyle, then you should be aware of the wide variety of compost bins on the market. Compost bins can range from being small and portable to being large and stationary. They can be made of different materials like plastic, metal or wood and can cost from less than $20 to several hundred dollars. With numerous choices now available for both outdoor and indoor use, there is a compost bin for nearly every kind of household and lifestyle. Here are just some of the many bins available:

Compact Size Compost Bins – Made of sturdy plastic microfiber, these bins are perfect for apartments or residential homes. The computer is small enough to easily stow away in a backpack or purse. These compost bins have one or two removable slats on the bottom that seal the contents and prevent the smell from seeping out. You can also find these compost bins with steel or stainless steel shelving or wire sides. This kind of bin can hold large amounts of organic wastes, but the smaller size may not be ideal for households with a large number of organic waste products. However, if you do purchase this kind of bin, keep in mind that it will take up slightly more space than most standard bins.

Sunbrella Fruit Flies Bins – If you are looking for something a little more modern and spacious, then look no further than Sunbrella fruit flies! The Sunbrella fruit flies are available in different sizes, which allows you to choose the one that is perfect for your compost bins. The one customer says that these compost bins work great for getting rid of ripe fruits. The small container holds about four pounds of organic waste, which is perfect for ridding your garage or kitchen of smelly flies and pests. These compost bins get rid of all kinds of fruit flies, including the tiny white ones.

Compost Bins With Squeaky Tops – Do you have a leaky outdoor space? If so, then you might want to consider purchasing a compost bins with squeaky top. The customers say that these compost bins work great for getting rid of leftover veggies and meat that have not been washed. The soft vinyl tops make it easy to clean out the computer, and the small holes that let the waste drain make it easy to maintain.

Compost Bins With Drip Attractors – Do you need to reduce odor? If so, then you should look into purchasing a stackable compost bins with drip attractors. These are sold by a number of garden retailers, and they are the best compost bin option available when it comes to reducing garden odor. The drawers of these types of compost bins actually allow rainwater to seep in, reducing the odors that are produced when organic materials are burned in a traditional compost pile. The drip attractor sprays water directly onto the organic materials, collecting the water as it goes, which is then released into the soil.

Food Scraps Becomes High Quality compost – If you're looking for an economical way to get rid of food scraps, then you should purchase a stackable compost bins with a built-in air filter. This will enable you to get rid of all the left over food scraps, without having to process them further, which means you can simply put them in your compost pile and let the compost bacteria do its job. The bacteria will break down the food scraps and produce humus, which will be the perfect soil condition for your plants to grow in. In addition to being the most cost effective method of disposing of your food scraps, this type of gardening container is the best for getting rid of any left over food that you can't eat, which is why it's widely used by families who don't have enough room in their gardens to grow other plants.

Quick Yeast Efficient Compost Bins – Aerobic organisms love compost bins with high levels of moisture. High levels of moisture in the bin help to break down organic materials much faster. A good compost bin has holes in the bottom which allow for the air to circulate, which in turn helps to aerate the soil where the organic matter is contained. Organic materials will normally have a much shorter lifespan in a place with only a minimal amount of air circulation. So if you want to ensure that your organic matter remains in a fully healthy condition, then it is best to avoid overcrowded or poorly ventilated compost bins, as both of these factors can lead to the decomposition of your organic materials, which leads to no energy coming from the compost, and a loss of nutrients through the breakdown process.

Durability – All compost bins made from metal or plastic are sturdy and durable, but it is important to consider whether or not they are designed to be outdoors or indoors. Plastic compost bins tend to deteriorate more quickly than those made from wood or steel, so it is recommended that you avoid plastic if you are considering using an indoor or outdoor compost bin. Wood compost bins are often more durable than plastic, but all types are susceptible to weathering, and a wooden compost bin can rot if placed outdoors. All types are however resistant to mould, mildew and algae, and will not degrade over time. Plastic compost bins can often be used outdoors, however as they do not offer the same amount of insulation, and they cannot handle high temperatures.