Confused About The Difference Between Web Design And Web Development?

Web design and development are often confused with one another, even though they couldn't be more different. Like two wheels of a bicycle, an individual can't work without the other.

In brief, web design identifies the visual presentation and usability of a website. On the other hand, web development is exactly what makes the design a practical and functioning site. You can get the services of web design via

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Though development and design go awry, the skills required for the two are quite different. Let us have a look at the first step of this ride!

Designers usually work closely with customers to understand their business objectives, vision, and ideas concerning the project.

After establishing a firm foundation on the same, they begin by sketching out a couple of wireframes and various mood boards and palettes to nail the aesthetic part (the look and feel) with a smooth user experience.

Based on the user requirements, planners shuffle between different software like Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, or Sketch. They craft ideas based on the following terms:

Deciding what is key and what's optional information is a profession many website designers have understood.

Highlighting important elements like buttons and headings is imperative to find the targeted readers to take action and continue down the conversion tube.

Utilizing typography and content equilibrium, hierarchy is achieved based on the weightage of the significance of the information.

As cliched as it sounds, balancing colors is vital to maintain the user scrolling down the site. When the aesthetics are pleasing, it's much easier to process information for an individual. Choose a suitable color palette that aligns with your brand and business.