Consult an Expert Balloon Catheter Doctor For Chronic Sinusitis

Millions of patients suffering from chronic sinusitis may benefit from balloon sinusuplasty treatments to eliminate nasal obstructions. According to research studies the FDA-certified procedure has proven to be very secure in comparison to other methods of treatment. Because it requires less removal of tissue the loss of blood is very minimal.

The most common signs of sinusitis are severe headaches nausea, eyesores, breathlessness, anxiety, facial pain, nasal congestion, the discharge of mucus discolored out of the nose, loss of taste and smell. You can find the best balloon catheter manufacturers via

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When it comes to balloon sinuplasty, a catheter-based device and microscopic endoscope are utilized to gain access to the sinuses. The procedure is carried out under general or local anesthesia to minimize any discomfort for the patient. 

In contrast to the standard treatment method that requires opening the nasal passage to drain the mucus from the affected region, The rhinoplasty procedure involves the infusion of a balloon connected to a tube through the nasal. When it reaches the site of blockage the balloon is then inflated for a short time.

Once the obstruction is cleared the balloon will be deflated and removed. By doing this the sinuses blocked by the blockage are opened and push the bone lining to an open space that is more favorable. Mucus or pus is removed with the aid of the irrigation tube.

 This procedure has a similarity to the procedure known as angioplasty, which is used to clear the blocked heart vessels. This straightforward procedure can grant you relief from sinusitis for the duration of your existence.