Creative Uses For Flowers

Flowers are extremely versatile and can be used in many ways because of their sheer beauty. Let's find out what are the different ways to use flowers in and around the house.

Flowers in floral arrangements

Wedding flower arrangement are enhance a space with ease. There are different forms of floral arrangements which vary in shapes and sizes there are three basic forms of floral arrangements which are circle, square and triangle. The circle is used most regularly as it allows more movement and pleasing to eye. The square is not used that often because it appears to be stiff. The most popular form is the triangle. It is visually most appealing and offers ample movement.

Flowers in home spas

Home spas have become very common. Also, aromatherapy jets have become very common and they only get better with actual flowers. With colour and aroma they heighten the senses and appease the mind and body. For example if you add lavender into the water it will help you sleep well and also help the skin.

Flowers for craft

Real or dried up flowers both look beautiful and have its own charm. Children love to use them in craft projects like in scrap books or to decorate jewellery boxes. Kids also love making jewellery out of it like rings, necklaces and earrings! Grown ups can play with flowers too! Have you heard of potpourri? It's basically a mixture of dried flowers with incense that acts like a room freshener and loots beautiful in an open glass bowl or plate.

Flowers are great to make natural soaps that have no chemicals and are great for the skin. You can also use flowers to make homemade face packs for a mini spa day at home!