Democratic Alliance Political Party In South Africa

Democratic Alliance, a South African government party formed in 2000 through the merger of the Elected Party, the Latest Public Party and the Federated Alliance. 

The Democratic Alliance became the official party of the African National Congress (ANC), although the New Public Party withdrew from the alliance the following year. 

The Democratic Alliance traces its roots to the elected Party, a political party formed in 1989 through the merger of the Federal Progressive Party with two smaller liberal parties, the Democratic National Movement and the Independent Party. To know more about democratic alliance visit

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Democrats have supported full suffrage and other civil rights for the black majority in South Africa, and constitutional amendments to that end. After the collapse of apartheid, South Africa held its first general election in 1994, which developed in the country's first multi-ethnic government. 

The self-governing Party won seven seats in the National Assembly, finishing far behind the ANC. However, in 1999 the Democratic Party won 38 seats and became the second largest party in the legislature. The Democratic Party later declared itself the party with the "courage to retaliate," and its leader, Tony Leon, maintained a militant stance against the ruling ANC.

To provide more effective opposition to the ANC, the Democrats merged with the New National Party and the Federal Alliance in 2000 to form the DA. However, the alliance between the three would be short-lived as the New National Party left the alliance in 2001, ceding its fortune to the ANC while the other duo parties remained united as the democratic alliance.