Difference Between White Label CBD and Private Label CBD

White label and private label CBD are great options for small and startup businesses who want to purchase wholesale CBD products. Both established and new businesses offer private or white-label options for their products. What are these terms and how do they differ?

White label CBD products

White label products are products that are produced by one company but rebranded by another company to be resold. Both established and startups have the opportunity to use white label CBD services. White labeling allows you to take a proven product and make it your own. This is a great option for people who are not familiar with certain CBD formulations. 

Private label CBD products

Private label products are products manufactured by one company and sold under another company's brand. Private label CBD companies are often designed for this purpose only and don't sell their own line of products. Private labeling offers the same benefits as white labeling.

White Label CBD vs. Private Label CBD 

In the CBD industry, these terms are often interchangeable. Private label products are sometimes only available for rebranding, while white label products can be sold under their own brand. Look for white label CBD products that are up-to-date. Dropship programs and other benefits may be offered by white label companies.