Everything You Want to Know About Motion Graphics

Communicating information can be tough, especially in a world where people easily get bored. You need to grab your audience’s attention, deliver the message, and retain their focus. It may seem like a challenge, but luckily, you can turn to professional motion graphics services.

Motion graphics company uses a technique that combines digital footage or animation in ways that create the illusion of motion or rotation. The powerful visual presentations convey your data quickly and effectively while keeping your audience interested. They also add sound design, music, and voice-over to bring the message home!

Major Benefits of Motion Graphics

1. Cost-Effective

What do you do if your client insists that you showcase a brand new Chevy Camaro in the commercial? Renting the car isn’t that expensive, but you would need a studio and also a crew and quite a bit of equipment. I’m sure it would look great but it would cost you an arm and a leg. You could also just use a still photo, but your high-end video would look like a wedding photo montage.

The third option would be to animate it with motion graphics and give the image some exciting movements and rotations. In many cases, motion graphics video production done right will look as good (if not better) than actual footage and at a fraction of the cost of film.

2. Creative Flexibility

Don’t worry if your actor flubs the lines or you forget to get an important shot. With motion graphics services, there’s no need for re-shoots since all the creative is done in post-production. You can adjust titles, swap out images, change the voice-over and create a color scheme that matches with the rest of your branding. With Motion Graphics, you are 100% in control.

3. De-Code Complex Ideas

A picture speaks a thousand words, right? Now animate that with slick motion graphics and the sky is the limit. Motion Graphics can communicate complex ideas clearly in a very short time span.