How to Choose Your Skydiving School?

Skydiving is an adventurous sports activity and there is nothing more exhilarating and extreme when compared to the jump from 10,000 feet altitude. Many tourists would be very much interested in doing this activity but will have a great amount of fear to jump from the high skies.

Skydiving Victoria and Skydiving New South Wales are famous for its adventure and there are so many schools to choose from. If you want to join skydiving classes then you can also look for: skydive thailand.

The participants would have to register for the jump at least a week prior to the jump. Many people would be interested in learning the basics before the jump. The schools will have professionals who can instruct the participants on what to do and what not to do.


The participant must be aged above 17 to begin skydiving in most parts of the country. Another important aspect considered in skydiving Victoria is the weight limit. Persons weighing above 95 or 100kg will not be allowed to do a tandem parachute jump. The accelerated freefall might have a heavy toll on the body weight and it might lead to some complexity. People aged above 45 would require a medical fitness test and this is not mandatory in all the skydiving New South Wales schools. The height and weight proportion will be checked for accuracy. Any kind of physical disability is not a hindrance to this activity.

So, what are credentials to be checked before selecting a skydiving Victoria school to have the perfect jump?

Considering the adventure and risk involved, it is important to select a dependable skydiving school. Check the credentials and authenticity of the license obtained by the school.

The instructor's license and experience must also be scrutinized in the same way. Check for the validity of the license obtained. The equipment and other devices should be maintained with proper care and should be in a good condition.

Have the medical team to assist

The skydiving New South Wales schools must have a team of medical experts to assist the participants in case of emergency. Proper safety measurements should have been followed. If you have any particular illness, it is mandatory to notify the instructors prior to the jump.