How to Cook With Black Truffle Salt?

European Mediterranean Sea Salt originates in the Abruzzi area of Italy to add a wonderful, savory taste to your culinary dishes. The rich, salty taste of this sea salt just perfectly compliments the smooth and subtle flavor of black truffle. This particular salt is certain to leave you craving for more! It is no surprise that this salt has been an integral part of Italian cuisine for many centuries.

There are two kinds of black truffle sea salt they are regular and artisan. Regular salts have no aroma or flavor and are sold in supermarkets or specialty stores. They lack the rich, authentic mushroom flavor and salty feel of the authentic product. Artisan salts are harvested on a farm where the farmers select only the best mushrooms and have them harvested by hand, to make sure that each product is absolutely perfect.

Regular black truffle salt does not go well with any kind of pasta, even the healthiest of all pasta types. The salt will overwhelm the naturally mild flavors of the pasta. However, when this salty product is combined with fresh, light cream or half-and-half it can help enhance the flavors of the pasta. Adding this type of salt to a dish with pasta creates a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. This combination also works great with grilled fish or chicken, or even vegetables.

Another great way to enjoy the unique taste of black truffle salt is to use it on your bread and pasta. You'll find that using the salt on your bread creates a wonderful flavor and helps preserve the fiber content of the wheat or the cracker. This is especially important during the winter months when you may be short on dietary fiber. The black summer truffles on the other hand are made with olive oil and flour. In this case, the bread will not only taste better with the salt but the olive oil will help preserve the fiber content as well. These bread and pasta are very good for you and very beneficial for your diet.

If you love seafood you should give black summer truffles a try. This salty flavor goes great with both white fish and with darker fishes like trout. If you want to up the flavor, however, it's best to use three tablespoons of this sea salt instead of the normal two tablespoons. Using more sea salt gives you the sensation of eating more flavor from the fish, and the black truffle salt helps preserve the fiber in the wheat.

For those who are not accustomed to salty foods, it might be best to start out using black truffle salt in small doses. You can always add more to the food as it tastes better. It also helps if you stir your favorite dishes while using the sea salt instead of using it altogether. This will prevent your dish from getting too confused.

Another dish that gets modified with this kind of truffle salt is black truffle scrambled eggs. If you've never tried scrambled eggs before, you are in for a real treat. This classic dish uses a mixture of lemon juice, olive Morada, chopped olives, a bit of pepper, and a pinch of sea salt. When you serve this dish, remember to keep an eye on the sodium content because it can get too high.

Truffle mushrooms are some of the tastiest mushrooms you'll ever eat. They have a slight nutty flavor that's very rich. Many chefs agree that sea and black truffle salts go very well together because they enhance their rich flavor. For best results, make sure you store your ingredients in an airtight container when they're fresh. Freshness is key for maximizing the flavor and nutrient value of any dish.