How to Make Your Studio Inviting For Boys to Take Tap Dance Lessons

Although dance lessons are popular with little girls, many parents also understand the benefits these lessons can have for their boys. These classes teach discipline and self-esteem, encourage physical activity, and help children become more physically active. Parents of boys might feel cheated if their studio is primarily geared towards girls. You might be able to increase your enrollment if you make your studio more welcoming to boys.

Male Teachers to Hire, When Possible

Boys can benefit from the guidance of a male teacher, regardless of whether they are taking jazz, ballet, or tap dance lessons. However, a male teacher can offer more than just dance expertise. Many boys have been bullied and teased for their dancing. A male teacher can help them navigate these situations with authority. Male teachers are more than just a teacher. They can also be trusted confidants.

tap dance lessons

Offer classes that young men like, such as jazz dance classes

A male-friendly lesson plan is another way to appeal to men. While ballet is a popular choice, many young men enjoy hip hop, jazz, and tap dancing. It is more likely that a child will take up ballet lessons once he has developed a passion for dancing.

It's a great idea to make your studio open to all students. Boys could make up half of your student body, and studio owners who are smart know that it's not a good idea to exclude them. These tips will help you make your studio gender-neutral and increase your enrollment.