How to Reduce, Reuse And Recycle Waste Material?

The motto "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" is a well-known attraction for those who value the protection of the country and the conservation of its resources. These are found frequently in environmental literature and can be heard among those trying to preserve the ecology of this fragile planet. As far as you agree with ecological values, it is amazing to establish policies and practices in the camps that actually serve your good intentions.

Since mottos are often difficult to translate into business plans, especially in relation to limited warehouse financial resources, here is some practical advice that is environmentally friendly and inexpensive by reducing and recycling the waste products.

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To Reuse

• Use both sides of printer paper. Unless there is a lot of moisture in the warehouse office, printer paper can be reused for design documents or internal records.

• Cut used paper into 5-inch pieces into 4-inch waste and use it as a substitute for expensive printed stationery or post-it paper. Secure it with reusable paper clips.

To reduce

• Pay attention to product packaging. How much plastic is used to protect the product? Recycle cardboard packaging.

• CFL lamps (compact fluorescent lamps) use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

• According to the EPA, each incandescent bulb replaced by a CFL saves enough energy to light 3 million homes a year. Think what the electricity bill means in the warehouse!

• Place containers next to each beverage machine and where people will drink soda, especially in staff lobbies.

• Publish information on energy and resources saved by recycling boxes near each container.

• Make recycling bins out of regular bins and have competitions to find out which storage group can spray the most creative designs.