Is overpronation of the foot a problem?

You could feel that overpronation is the same as a death sentence for runners should you read through many of the running web sites and social media discourse. Anyone would think it can easily be responsible for all the injuries that runners suffer from and the reason why they need the specific motion control athletic shoes or foot orthotics to solve the problem. This does indeed get brought up in many communities that it's something that is evil and that it ought to be taken care of.

Pronation is really a normal movement of the foot where the ankle rolls inwards and the mid-foot (arch) of the feet drop. Overpronation is when there's an excessive amount of that normal movement. There is not any distinct specification of just what exactly overpronation is actually and what will be viewed as normal or abnormal. This problem is claimed to cause an inefficient running biomechanics, so much more energy is needed to run. It is also alleged that a foot that overpronates could potentially cause all sorts of problems from hallux valgus to heel pain to knee injuries. For this reason runners that do overpronate will be strongly encouraged to make use of foot orthotics to support the foot and use the motion controlling running footwear.

Regardless of this, there are plenty of stories of runners who do have a significant serious type of overpronation whom never ever get concerns and can run fast. This has triggered assertions that this whole strategy about overpronation is a fantasy and is not really a problem. They claim it really is invented by those that earn money from foot supports as well as athletic shoes.

However, if you go through the real scientific data, then yes overpronation (however you choose to define it) is a dilemma in runners. The meta-analyses and systematic reviews of all the studies demonstrate that it is usually a small risk factor for overuse injury in athletes, however that risk continues to be statistically important. Because of this overpronation is a problem is runners but its probably not as big a problem it had become perceived as some time ago.