Is The New NordicTrack S22i Worth An Extra $500 Over The Original?

The brand new 2022 NordicTrack S22i model has a few new features that haven't been seen in previous iterations of this popular stationary exercise bike. For starters, not only has the speaker system been upgraded to 30 watts of audio output, it also has forward facing speakers. In comparison to the older NordicTrack S22i, the audio is much more clear and powerful. Additionally, the 22 inch tablet attached to the bike has a cleaner look to it. The older version kind of looked like an outdated TV according to the review from TailHappyTV, but the 2022 model has a sleeker look to the edges and curves.

The weight capacity of the NordicTrack S22i 2022 model remains 350lbs, which is about 50 pounds great maximum user weight recommendation over the Peloton Bike or Bike+ models. This makes the NordicTrack exercise bike potentially a better option for individuals who weigh over 300 pounds.

The newest model NordicTrack exercise bikes come equipped with SPD clip in pedals, with a cage style option on the opposite side of the pedal. This makes the bike more versatile for experienced riders who want to maximize their effort and experience on the S22i with clip in shoes, but also the bike doesn't require special shoes of any sort to get a workout in.

The resistance levels and inline/decline feature on the 2022 NordicTrack S22i remain the same as the previous bike on paper, however the motors are supposedly more efficient and less noisy. Perhaps the new NordicTrack S22i will be more reliable than we've seen in previous years with all the improvements on the 2022 models. Time will ultimately reveal weather or not the new 2022 NordicTrack S22i is worth the extra $500. Until then, more information on the NordicTrack S22i 2022 model can be found on the TailHappyTV website or YouTube channel.