Laser Light Therapy Can Give You Relief From Chronic Back Pain

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is science under constant scrutiny. Those who know about the applications of laser treatment cannot remain indifferent to this issue. People either firmly believe in its benefits or are strong believers in its failure to heal. No area of treatment is more polarized than the topic of low back pain relief. In medical, double-blind tests,Laser Light Therapy was found to be moderately effective in relieving back pain.

In a twelve-week clinical trial, patients with diagnosed low back pain were scheduled for twelve weeks of laser therapy with twelve weeks of exercise. The control group received a placebo light, not a laser, and the results showed that those treated with the laser experienced greater pain relief and more complete healing. This finding led the researchers to acknowledge, at least, that a small amount of benefit from the treatment is a major victory for the public face of LLLT.

In other areas, LLLT is accepted as a successful treatment. It has been shown to heal blemishes, reduce age-related wrinkles, and relieve chronic neck pain. This leaves researchers with a question about its limited effect on the relief of chronic back pain. People need to know the nature of lower lumbar injuries to understand the complexity of back issues and the limitations of treatment with LLLT.

If the injury stops here, it can be argued that low-level laser therapy will have a profound effect on healing, but the injury does not stop with the primary incident in the back. Instead, because the human body must stand upright, it is forced to adjust to its lack of structural integrity and the tendons and ligaments of other muscles take on the stress of imbalance. This process initiates a domino effect that slowly but deeply deactivates the lower back region for every movement.