Make Your Home Beautiful And Secure With Entry Doors

Burglars often gain entry through a door. However, it is not the door or lock that is the problem. The jamb of the door is often what causes problems. Even if there are multiple deadbolt locks, an intruder can strike one of the doors with enough force to cause the bolts from your lock to go through the jamb. The jamb will split and the doors will open like they were never locked.

Many exterior doors come with a strike plate. However, it is often not installed. Installing a piece of steel plating at the jamb's back will strengthen it. The exterior door can be secured with a strike plate and is nearly impossible to break. You must take professional services of entry door installation at Truax Design Centre.

Entry Door Installation Service

Many of today's stunning entry doors feature glass panes. These doors have locks that are different from steel or full wood entry doors. To unlock the deadbolt lock, you will need a key on both sides. The bolt will not be push-inched into the jamb by a lever. This type of exterior door has a major security problem. An intruder could smash the glass. 

Although they might not be able to unlock the door, an intruder could still gain entry to the home if the opening is large enough. These types of exterior doors are not allowed in many states. This is because they don't allow for an immediate exit in the event of an emergency. 

These security doors should not be placed on your main home exit. You will need to quickly get out of your house if you are in urgent need.

Steel doors make a great choice for security doors. These doors are available in many colors and offer protection. They also help to lower your heating and cooling costs.