Quick Lawn Care Tips For Achieving The Perfect Lawn in Vancouver

There are some things you can do on a weekly basis to maintain your lawn without having to do any heavy lifting. Lawns require a Spring feed, particularly one that contains nitrogen and is backed up by both phosphates as well as potash. A lawn needs at least one feed per year.

If the lawn looks jaded, it should receive a summer feed that contains either a proprietary lawn fertilizer or a nitrogen rich fertilizer. A feed of fall grass care in Vancouver should be more focused on phosphates, potash and nitrogen. It may also include a worm killer or disease prevention.

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Rainfall is usually enough to provide water for the roots, but it's possible to experience dry spells in the late spring or summer. Colour changes, such as from green to straw-colored or brown, will indicate drought. It is best to water your lawn at the coolest times of day. This can be done early or late in the morning, with a rotary sprinkler. 

For optimal lawn care, it is better to water once per week, unless it is very hot. This will encourage deep root development. Good lawn care management is key to controlling weeds. The following rules will apply to a lawn that has been established and is mowed with high quality turf or seed. 

Proper mowing at the right height, with little or no watering, is essential, especially if there are dry spells.  Proper feeding and scarifying help to reduce weed growth. Good fertility helps to reduce the growth of weeds, and improves the grass' strength.