Scoliosis Exercise: Yoga as an Effective Remedy for Pain Relief

Scoliosis is a condition in which a person has a lateral curvature of the spine in addition to the normal curve that makes the lower part of the human back arch inward. The most effective remedy for this condition is an exercise for scoliosis. 

Although many exercises help reduce the problems associated with scoliosis, yoga is considered the best exercise for scoliosis pain treatment. Yoga poses are useful because they allow us to stretch our bodies.

The most effective yoga exercises for treating scoliosis include alligator rotation, knee reclining, passive back arching, and one-leg postures. These exercises are especially useful for elevating lowered shoulders and relieving back pain.

Exercises for passive back scoliosis have been shown to be beneficial not only in relieving pain associated with scoliosis but also with problems associated with a condition called sunken chest. 

In scoliosis, exercising with one leg up and one leg straight up has been shown to be very effective in reducing muscle tension in the leg. Sitting twists are a good remedy for treating chest spasms.

This exercise also helps improve body alignment and is easy to perform. A series of scoliosis exercises to relax the joints is very useful for scoliosis patients with tense shoulder muscles.

Head-to-knee posture helps maintain body alignment and straightens the spine. The rotation of the spine and abdomen causes the shoulder muscles to stretch.