The Advantages Of A Synthetic Grass Installation In Your Backyard In Sydney

Maintaining a healthy-looking, lush and green lawn can prove a difficult (and fairly pricey) task, especially in areas of the country that suffer from water-usage restrictions. To combat this, homeowners install a sophisticated grass sprinkler system with timer mechanisms.

Owners of a garden full of natural grass have to endure staggering hours of work to reap the benefits of a full, green lawn.  In other parts of the world, many people do not live in naturally suitable climates that encourage the development of native grasses, and artificial turf is the only viable option for them.

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Since its inception almost five decades ago (under the name “AstroTurf”), thanks to technological advances in the production of artificial turf, it can now be modeled on the appearance of natural grass.

One of the many environmental benefits is the fact that it does not require regular maintenance. Synthetic materials do not require painstaking cutting or practical watering.

Also, artificial turf is environmentally friendly as it completely prevents the spread of harmful chemical insecticides, fungicides, pesticides and fertilizers and is 100 percent recyclable.

Switching to synthetic products eliminates the need for lawn mowers that emit unnecessarily high levels of CO2. Artificial grass will last for more than a decade, adding value to your property and giving you an estimated return on investment in just five years.

In fact, its existence is highly valued by prospective tenants and homeowners because its eco-friendly properties, such as solar panels, add value to the property.