Things to Ask Your Solar Panel Installer In Houston

Finding a reliable solar panel installer can be daunting. You search the internet and local directories looking for the perfect company to install your solar system. And then you don't know what to ask when you find it. In this article you can find about the most important things to ask your solar panel installer before proceeding with installation. 

The most important thing to ask your solar panel installer is whether they are accredited, and experienced. You can visit over here to get more information about the installation of your solar panel.

Now that you have an MCS accredited installer, you should consult with them about what type of system will work best for you and your property. Then your installer will provide suggestions for the best system to suit you and your property's needs. 

The proposal should include the size of the module, the number of solar panels used, the Kw of your system and the manufacturer of the solar panels used in your new system.

The quote may also include the time it will take to pay back your investment, as well as additional information about savings.

Are they pre-installed? If the installer is accredited, he has the option of installing a solar system (this will be one of his challenges during training), but it's good to know that he has done the installation before. Ask for recommendations or find a gallery of their latest work on their website.