This is How Asbestos and Cancer are Related to Health Risks

Newcastle asbestos testing

Asbestos during its natural state is known to appear as a harmless material. In the early days, asbestos benefited a lot to the construction industry. The characteristics of asbestos was the key reason as to how this material was extremely popular. However, the popularity suddenly became lesser and lesser when researchers found out that asbestos was more than capable of causing harmful health problems. This material after study results indicated that the problems it would cause was similar to the problems caused by lung cancer. Thus, it became clear that asbestos and cancer were related to each other when it comes to causing health problems. Here’s how.

  1. When Asbestos Enters via Swallowing – Presence of asbestos on food and liquid can cause health problems when an individual accidently eats or drinks the same.
  2. When Asbestos Enters via Inhaling – Another way of entering our body for asbestos is via inhaling. This makes sense because asbestos during its natural state is extremely fragile to the slightest of touches. If touched, this material gets crumbled easily and immediately mixes itself with the atmosphere and becomes invisible. If an individual does inhale oxygen, chances of asbestos entering the body is high which focusses to head straight over to the surface of the lungs. Upon accumulation on the lungs, asbestos starts to cause chest pains, difficulty in breathing etc. Moreover, these symptoms are only seen in people who are above the age of 30 and by this time, it is too late for treatments.

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