Tourist Attractions in Greece For Newlyweds

To answer this question, it is easier to narrow down the field a little. You could spend a lifetime exploring Greece, and still never see everything. The major places, such as Athens, Santorini and Mykonos, have so much information online that it is nearly impossible to add anything new.

The best place in Greece, although we are a little biased, is the Peloponnese, which is blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe. The peninsula contains everything for a perfect honeymoon experience, blending sleepy fishing villages and white beaches with rich history, culture and hot sun. It is difficult to pare down the shortlist to only five places, but here are our personal favourites. Get your hotel book first before visiting or you can look for best hotels in mykonos greece as well.


The Mani Peninsula is the central ‘digit’ hanging down from the Peloponnese, and possesses a rich mix of culture, history and beautiful scenery. Maniot villages are usually walled citadels, clinging precariously to precipitous mountain sides, packed with the famous tower houses. These were built in mediaeval times, when the Maniots enjoyed a fierce reputation as tough and independent people.


Gythio is a lively fishing port, and was once the port of Ancient Sparta. As well as being a beautiful and vibrant place to visit, it is never too crowded, yet provides everything for the newlywed. In terms of romance, you have Marathonisi islet, where Paris and Beautiful Helen consummated their relationship, before fleeing to Troy. Many of the tavernas overlook the islet, offering fresh sea-food and a wonderful copper sunset.