Toyota Land Cruiser Ute Guide

Beginning with the very initial model of the Land Cruiser. It was the first Toyota 4×4 utility prototype, built with a basic, open bodywork, atop an existing truck frame. The year that AK10 was first introduced was 1950. First-ever manufacturing Toyota 4×4 utility vehicle, fitted with a B-series engine as well as three-speed transmission. 

The grille has nine slots on the vertical side, usually does not have doors, and includes headlights tucked behind guards made of metal with fenders flat. Similar to earlier Jeeps, however, it is larger. The Land Cruiser name was assigned Land Cruiser the name of 1954. If you want to know more about Toyota Landcruiser ute visit for gathering detailed information.

toyota landcruiser ute, single cab 79 series

The basic 79 Series vehicle is a 4×4 utility vehicle with a soft- or a metal top. Land Cruiser BJ25s came with B-series engines FJ25s had F-series engines. Both have a grille that has four slots that are horizontal between the headlights. 

They are also fitted with the upright, square design that suggests what the iconic FJ40 will appear like. It is available in a variety of variants, including an extended wheelbase, with a hardtop (BJ28) or Fire engine (FJ24JA) and the hardtop with an extended length wheelbase (FJ28V).