Wedding Flower Bouquets – Choosing the Right One

Of all the flowers that might appear at a wedding, the most important is undeniably the bride's bouquet. More work likely goes into wedding flower bouquets than any other flowers at a given ceremony.

Since every ceremony has that one precious moment where all eyes will be on her flowers, it needs to be absolutely perfect. It should be absolutely gorgeous and convey a sense of the bride's own personality.

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The best way to get an idea of the types of flowers to use is just to look around. There is no shortage of bridal magazines and guides out there. They're full of hundreds of pictures of unique bouquets to look at for inspiration. Once you've got a basic idea, you can go to your florist to fine-tune your idea.

There are several basic types that can be used. One common choice is the posy bouquet. This is a small, round bouquet that can be held in one hand. There's a lot of room for fine-tuning this set – you can opt for a loosely structured one, or a more carefully arranged one tightened with florist's wire.

However, they are fairly uniform in terms of flower choice. For a more elegant look, you might opt for the arm sheaf bouquet. This bouquet is long and is cradled in the arm, rather than held in the hand. This type allows for more variation in flowers and colors used. These are just two examples – there are many other types of wedding flower bouquets.