What are different Airport Services?

Airport Meet & Greet Services will assign a support team to assist you in completing all airport procedures with ease. It also helps with other systems one must deal with at Airports.

There are three types of Airport Meet and Greet Services available in Cairo: Arrival and Departure services, and Transit Airport services.

What is an Arrival Meet and Greet Service?

Cairos worldwide airfield VIP service can help you get to different airport terminals around the globe. They combine features to allow you to benefit from Fast Track Immigration and one-on-one assistance at all of the airport terminals.

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These services can help you navigate all airport procedures smoothly. 

What is Departure Meet and Greet?

Meet and Greet Service is available at the airport terminal when you are ready to de-board your plane. This service will ensure that your departures from the terminals are seamless. These affiliations include Welcoming by hostesses, Transferring To Aircraft, and Custom Transactions at VIP Lounge. 

What are the Transfer/Transit Meet & Greet Services and what do they offer?

This is the third type of meet and greets service. It will enable you to find the most helpful organizations within a terminal or in a similar one. You will have a wonderful experience. The procedures that you must follow when moving between terminals will be explained to you.

A support staff member will be available to assist you with any questions or difficulties you may have. These services can also be used to assist with special needs.

These services guarantee the most pleasant encounters at all airport terminals around the world. Airport Services Simplified will provide you with a welcome administration at the most popular airports in the world.