What You Need To Know About LastRound

LastRound is a reusable option to round and pad makeup. These are made of a shape-shifting fabric, which feels exactly like regular cotton rounds when liquids are applied. One pack can last for up to 1750 uses. You can then throw them in your compost pile when you're done.

Cotton seems great at first glance. It is biodegradable and soft. Have you ever thought about how eco-friendly it is? It isn't so easy to find out. To make 1 kg of cotton takes approximately 20,000 liters. Cotton also contributes to the environment through pesticides and other insecticides. However, if you are also looking for reusable cotton rounds visit https://lastobject.nz/products/lastround.

Mei Apothecary Reusable Soft Facial Rounds With Machine Washable Bag - 14pk : Target

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Here's what you need to know regarding LastObject LastRound

What is the origin of LastRounds? 

Rounds are 70% made from Scandinavian wood fibers, 30% of which are cotton fibers too short for the textile industry. There are two options for the case: one made from plant-based material and one that is made from recycled ocean-bound plastic found in Indonesia.

What can I do to remove makeup stains from LastRound?

You can remove makeup stains from LastRound by using grease-fighting agents like dish soap. Use a soft brush to clean the area.

How long can the rounds last? 

Seven rounds in a LastRound Case are expected to last 1750 times each. We recommend that you wash the rounds in a mesh laundry bag to preserve them.

They can be used to remove nail polish. 

You can use the rounds with nail polish remover. However, they won't last as long and you should clean them well. Otherwise, leftover nail polish could make them stiffer. After a round is used for nail varnish, it should not be used again.